Russian Foreign Ministry responded to US threats

12:42, 25 April 2019 32

Statements of the US ambassador to Russia John Huntsman about the threat to Russia by American aircraft carriers are regrettable. This was stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It looks like he has completely exhausted of his diplomatic potential, having begun to threaten our country with military force  said a source at RIA News agency.

The interlocutor of the agency stressed that Moscow had heard many such threats and it was useless to talk in such a tone. He noted that, if necessary, Russia would find ways to turn «two hundred thousand tons of American diplomacy, which the ambassador had boasted, into a pile of rusty metal on the seabed».

Earlier, the United States Ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, called the US Navy carrier grouping deployed in the Mediterranean as a signal to Moscow. According to him, each of the aircraft carriers is «one hundred thousand tons of international diplomacy».

According to military experts, Huntsman’s statement may be a reaction of the States to the receiving of the newest nuclear submarine «Belgorod» by the Russian fleet.