Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom has started working on a domestic quantum computer. The estimated costs of the project will amount to 24 billion rubles ($377 million ): 13.3 billion ($209 million) will be allocated from the national budget while 10.4 billion ($164 million) will be invested by the state corporation and other companies that plan to join the project.

According to the Russian Quantum Center CEO Ruslan Yunusov who is heading the project, Rosatom plans to create four types of quantum computers ranging in size from 50 to 100 qubits by 2024. So far, Russia has managed to create systems consisting of two qubits, while specialists from the USA and Europe are developing devices built on 50–70 qubits.

The production of quantum processors will start from the scratch and some components can be purchased abroad (for example, lasers or measuring equipment). Rosatom also plans to develop a cloud platform with remote access as part of the project, reports Vedomosti newspaper.

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