Russian teenagers consume twice as little alcohol as before

14:39, 05 April 2019 92

Russian teenagers of 15–17 years old began to consume less alcohol. In 2013, 3.8 cases of alcohol dependence per 100 thousand people, in 2017 the figure dropped to 1.7.

Alexandr Kovtun, narcologist, psychiatrist of Prophylactics Institute LLC told that restrictive measures on the sale of alcohol by time, age, the struggle for the quality of alcohol had positively affected the situation not only with adults, but also with teenagers.

In addition, according to him, fashion played a great role.

However, as the doctor noted, teenagers refused alcohol in favor of a healthy lifestyle.

He noted that gradually, over the decade in fact, the picture had changed and drugs began to prevail. reported that for five years in Russia, the incidence of mental disorders associated with alcohol use and alcohol dependence syndrome among teenagers of 15–17 years old has decreased by 55%.