Reason behind Gorbachev starring in Pizza Hut ad revealed

17:19, 02 December 2019 338
Photo: Pizza Hut International

The last leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev starred in the ad of Pizza Hut, the American pizza chain, in 1997 because of a lack of money that he needed to support the work of his fund, believes the journalist of Foreign Policy magazine Paul Musgrave.

According to the journalist, Gorbachev put several conditions before agreeing to participate. The conditions were that the former Soviet leader would not eat pizza in the commercial and would personally approve the script.

As a former head of the state, I cannot do this, explained Gorbachev his conditions to the company's representatives.

According to Paul Musgrave, after losing the presidential election, Gorbachev was left with literally no financial support. The giant pension was issued to him, but the hyperinflation of 1994 dropped the monthly allowance to just two dollars.

The amount of money the politician received for the ad was not disclosed, but, according to Foreign Policy magazine, the American company could have paid the amount that today would be around $1 mln, adjusted for inflation.

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