How much do Russian cosmonauts earn?

21:06, 08 August 2019 375

Roskosmos, Russian space agency believes that the salaries received by the Russian cosmonauts are comparable to the ones received by NASA astronauts, European and Canadian space agencies and the Japanese aerospace research agency.

The salary of a cosmonaut candidate is 60,900 rubles ($935), cosmonaut — 63,800 rubles ($979), instructor-cosmonaut — 88,450 rubles ($1,359) and those who have traveled into space — 69,600 thousand rubles ($1069), writes Izvestia newspaper citing Roskosmos source.

The cosmonauts also get some bonuses. The bonus amounting in 25% of the salary as well as the extra salary at the end of the year is provided for the successful performances, plus a one-time monetary reward is provided for each successful flight. Its amount depends on the complexity and duration of the flight. Also, monthly salary increases until the person reach pension age is paid for each flight: for one flight — plus 55%, for two — 75%, for three or more — 120%. Extra charges are also paid for the age and a university degree.