The Russian office of Greenpeace has addressed the Russian Minister of Natural Resources Dmitry Kobylkin proposing to impose a ban on the use of disposable plastic and to expand the environmental responsibility of producers.

Greenpeace proposed that the Ministry of Natural Resources impose a ban on the circulation of products made of disposable plastic which most often pollutes the environment, stated the organization's representatives.

The packing bags, food containers and plastic cutlery, cotton swabs and wet wipes, candy and balloons sticks got into the list of the products proposed to be banned by the ecologists. Besides, the organization requires the introduction of a mandatory 100% recycling procedures for cigarette filters, lighters, fishing nets and some other products. This means that manufacturers and importers of these goods will either need to arrange the recycling process of their goods or pay an increased environmental fee.

Environmentalists have also posted a petition on their website calling to ban disposable plastic in Russia.

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