Estonia gives up the idea of banning Russian TV channels

11:56, 25 November 2019 43
Photo: Monika Skolimowska/Global Look Press

Estonia is not planning to ban broadcasting of Russian television channels with regards to EU sanctions against Yuri Kovalchuk stated the Adviser of Communications and Media Services Department of Technical Regulatory Authority, Peeter Sookruus.

According to the official, the state does not plan any «quick steps,» and is currently analyzing the situation. However, it is impossible to exclude any options, reports ERR, Estonia's public broadcasting service, quoting Peeter Sookruus.

The communication advisor noted that the country's regulator does not have the right to make such decisions.

Our function is a little different. We can make an order to suspend the broadcast of the channel for a while, but we do not provide regular monitoring. This means that if a new company that wants to include certain channels in its packages appears, they do not need to ask the department unlike in Latvia and Lithuania, emphasized the official.

Earlier, reported that Tallinn demanded Russia to return «Estonian lands.»