Russian embassy in Washington slams US military exercises in Estonia

08:15, 01 September 2020 126
Photo: Ting Shen/Global Look Press

The Russian embassy to Washington has called the US military exercises close to the Russian border in Estonia the 'demonstrative saber-rattling.'

The embassy also drew attention to US media messages about the training near the Russian borders between September 1 and September 10, including in The Washington Times with anti-Russian assertions. It recalled that Russia had repeatedly offered to the United States and its allies to limit training activities and divert exercise areas from the line of contact between Russia and NATO. The embassy called the actions of the US Armed Forces in Estonia provocative and extremely dangerous for regional stability.

Why is this demonstrative saber-rattling? What signal do NATO members want to send us? Who is actually fueling tensions in Europe? And all this is taking place in the context of an aggravated political situation in that region of the European continent. Rhetorical question: how would the Americans react if such shooting were carried out by our military near the US borders? the embassy said in a statement.

NEWS.ru reported earlier that Russia's Ministry of Defense had denied the statement of the North Atlantic Alliance about the violation of Denmark's state border by Russian fighter jet Su-27.