Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country will continue to build up its defense potential. At the same time, the President underlined that Russia is ready to make every effort to speed up the disarmament process.

The country's head stated that the Russian army and navy had already proved their high capability. Also, Vladimir Putin noted that the Russian Federation is ready to start using the latest hypersonic, laser, and other modern weapons that other countries do not have yet. However, according to the Russian leader, it doesn't mean «to threaten anyone.»

On the contrary, we are ready to do everything we can to push the disarmament process, taking into account our latest weapons systems, reports Interfax news agency quoting the head of the state.

The President emphasizes that the named systems have only one task — to ensure security taking into account the growing threats to the Russian Federation.

Earlier, reported that Putin offered to suspend the the INF Treaty.