Russian president Vladimir Putin explained where did the rumor about alleged Russian meddling in the US election come from. He believes that it all started with the political intrigues within the United States.

They were looking for a reason to attack Donald Trump in the US trying to use anti-Russian rhetoric in their game. Russia has not taken a single destructive step regarding the United States. We don’t need to get involved in the internal affairs of the United States, it’s not important and does not comply with our foreign policy principles, stated the Russian president speaking at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum.

He also expressed hope that relations between Moscow and Washington would normalize.

I believe that common sense and fundamental interests, I want to underline this, American fundamental interests will prevail and relations between Russia and the United States will return to normal. But we are not there yet, said the Russian leader.

The 2016 US presidential campaign turned into an international scandal when Donald Trump won the election and the rumors about him being «Kremlin's protege» were spread. On May 17, 2017, the US Department of Justice entrusted Attorney Robert Muller to investigate the incident. He was authorized to investigate the attempts of the Russian government to meddle in the American elections and any relations or coordination between the Russian Federation and people associated with Donald Trump's office.

The Special Prosecutor announced that the investigation was closed in April 2019. The report stated that the intervention in the election campaign was carried out through social network activities that were funded by the Russian authorities.

Earlier, reported that Putin said they are not close with Trump.