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Elderly man dies in Israel after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine

16:01, 28 December 2020
Photo: Pool Johanna Geron/Global Look Press

An elderly Israeli man died on December 28 of a heart attack after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, the Israeli Health Ministry reported.

The 75-year-old man was vaccinated against COVID-19 this morning and died at home shortly after. The man had heart disease and cancer and had suffered multiple heart attacks before, RIA Novosti quoted the ministry.

A special commission was established to investigate the incident. It was headed by the head of the ministry’s Quality, Service, and Safety Senior Division.

The initial investigation did not reveal a link between the death and the vaccine. Therefore, vaccination continues in Israel.

Mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus started in Israel on December 20. In the first phase, health workers, medical students, geriatric staff, and government officials received the drug. Citizens over 60 years old and people from risk groups are vaccinated at the second stage.

The Israeli authorities have applied the third total lockdown which will last until January 9, NEWS.ru reported earlier.