Over the years, the relatives of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad bought at least 20 apartments in the Russian capital reported the Financial Times with reference to documents received by the anti-corruption non-governmental organization Global Witness.

18 luxury apartments bought by the extended family of Syrian President are located in the City of Capitals skyscraper, and one more - in the Federation tower. FT notes that the total value of real estate with the related parking spaces bought by the family or companies connected to them are worth at least $40 million.

In addition, in September 2015, the family purchased a three-bedroom apartment a short drive from the skyscraper in an upscale central Moscow neighborhood.

Family members of the Syrian president began to buy apartments in Moscow in 2013 and the last deal that was tracked down by the media was made in June 2019.

At the same time, 13 objects were bought by Assad's cousin Hafez Makhluf who is an influential Syrian businessman. Two more apartments belong to the wife of another cousin, Assad Rami Makhluf. Bashar Assad's twin cousins ​​Ihab and Iyad Makhlufa own in Moscow one property each.

FT journalists tracked that most transactions went through offshore companies. At the same time, neither members of the Assad family nor the representatives of the companies involved in the transactions commented on this.

However, the ex-ambassador of the Russian Federation to Saudi Arabia Andrei Baklanov believes that real estate transactions were the result of Western sanctions against the Assad family. According to the diplomat, the Syrian elite is investing their money in countries where the money will be safe. After all, all Assad's brothers who own real estate in Moscow are under international sanctions at the moment.

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