Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran agree on connecting energy systems

15:18, 14 August 2019

Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran signed an agreement on conducting a feasibility study for creating a North-South energy corridor which should connect the power systems of the three states.

The parties signing the agreement were Joint-Stock Company System Operator of the Unified Energy System and PAO Rosseti, Russian power company on behalf of Russia, Azerenergy, largest electrical power producer on behalf of Azerbaijan and Iran Power generation and transmission company TAVANIR on behalf of Iran.

The experts will evaluate the current conditions of the power systems and the possibility of transferring electricity and power, taking into account a phased increase in volumes as a part of the feasibility study. 

The result of the work will be the list of the requirements for relay protection and emergency automation systems, stability monitoring systems, communications and telemetry information exchange, the message posted on System Operator's website reads.

Earlier, reported that the Russian president Vladimir Putin awarded Azerbaijani first vice-president with Order of Friendship.