Demand for masons, baristas, and maids will increase in 2020–2022, according to the construction, hotel business, and catering growth forecasts presented by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

According to the ministry's experts,  real estate, hotel services and the construction sector will be the drivers of economic growth in Russia in the coming years.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Vladimir Gutenev specified that the expected growth in several segments of the economy has to be linked to an increase in the state managers' efficiency and an excessive decrease in inflation.

This is also confirmed by the recent Central Bank's reduction of the key rate by 0.5 percentage points to 6.5%, which will undoubtedly entail a reduction in bank deposit rates and, as a result, the cost of borrowed money will decrease, noted the expert.

The official explained that due to this, the loans will become more affordable which will lead to the construction industry's growth and the need for building materials will increase which, in turn, will lead to the active development of Russian production facilities.

Vladimir Gutenev also predicted that the growth of the hotel industry will be due to an increase in tourist flow to Russia.

In the future, the flow of tourists will only increase and the needs of the hotel business will be covered by the construction of a large number of hotels, explained the expert.

The parliamentarian added that workers recruited from neighboring countries through the increasing quotas for migrants, as well as the retraining and advanced training programs will eliminate the lack of work power, reports Parliamentskaya Gazeta newspaper.

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