Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

The engineers of the leading Russian space design company Russian Space Systems have found a way to protect the country from foreign unauthorized space surveillance. To do this, experts suggested blocking the signals of the so-called spy satellites using ground-based radio-electronic stations. They plan to transmit a signal to satellites, providing data to ground-based reception points.

It is necessary to block the receiving onboard equipment of the spacecraft that are in the direct radio-visibility zone of the monitoring satellites when the spacecraft’s onboard computer can reach the protected area, reads the article published in «Aerospace engineering and information systems» magazine.

The engineers plan to create many such stations and place them on the territories of the surveillance facilities and want to conduct round the clock monitoring of the spy satellites. The specialists also suggest creating a unified automated database system for the effective operation of ground-based radio-electronic stations. It will contain information about satellites and their full characteristics, reports TASS news agency.

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