The 100th Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kotov spoke about the difficulties of maintaining hygiene in space. According to the cosmonaut, the rumor that the hair grows faster in zero gravity is just a myth.

Hair grows as usual, but there is more hair on the body because clothes do not rub or skin in zero gravity, shared Oleg Kotov in the interview with Politika Segodnya.

It feels like there are more hairs because of this. But then everything comes back to normal, told cosmonaut.

Cosmonauts wash their hair with foamless shampoo, which is rubbed off with a wet towel. It is impossible to take a shower, so they have to maintain body hygiene also with wet towels. There is no hairdryer either.

Oleg Kotov said that his first shower back on Earth after returning from space was pure «happiness.»

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