Biggest global chains delay opening of cinemas

16:00, 30 June 2020 40

Cineworld, the British cinema chain, and AMC Theaters in the US have postponed return to a normal schedule, reports.

The first round of approximately 450 locations will resume operations two weeks later than initially planned, to coincide with the updated August release dates of Warner Brothers’ Tenet and Disney’s Mulan.

That happy day, when we can welcome guests back into most of our US theatres, will be Thursday, July 30, CEO Adam Aron said in a statement.

The company said it expects its more than 600 US theaters to be ‘essentially to full operation’ by early August.

British cinemas were allowed to open venues from July 4. Owners were required to carry out work in compliance with the recommendations on ensuring protection against COVID-19. earlier reported that cinemas in Russia would resume work on July 15.